Monday, September 30, 2013

Episode 156 - A Fresh Phish On Campus

It’s Monday, September 30th, 2013 and welcome to episode 156 of Tech Talk 4 Teachers. I'm Tom Grissom, I'm Cindy Rich, and I'm Mike Gioia.

Welcome to Tech Talk for Teachers the show about Teaching and Learning with Technology.

This month we will be talking about getting organized with some note-taking apps, the new iOS7 update, a brand new phishing attempt on campus and our Technology Picks of the Week.

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Show Note Links

Living life with OneNote: OneNote at school

Security Spotlight - A Fresh Phish On Campus

EIU IT Security Website

Technology Picks of the Week

Tom’s Pick

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Cindy's Picks

18 Apps Every College Student Should Download Right Now So the best four years of your life will also be the most convenient.

21 best apps for college students

Back to School: Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for College Students

Worried about blowing your budget? Use the app (Free) to manage all your money in one place. View all your accounts — checking, savings, credit cards — and automatically add and categorize your transactions, all within the app.

The iHomework app ($1) makes organization a cinch. Use it to keep track of assignments, readings, courses, teachers, and schedules. Even better: you can set alarms for your homework and be notified of upcoming deadlines.

Pen and paper? So 2009. Try the Notability iPad app ($1) for note-taking, PDF annotation, typing, and recording. Customize the look with a variety of "pen" colors and paper styles, then add in links or photos. The coolest feature: if you remember the context of your scribbles, the audio recording capability allows you to tap a word to hear what was said at that moment.

Best 100 iPad Apps for Middle School Students

Mike's Pick


That wraps it up for episode 156 of TechTalk4Teachers. Show notes for this episode and archived episodes are available on the web at the EIU Instructional Technology Center website at To leave a comment or suggestion, please send an email to or leave a comment on the Tech Talk for Teachers blog. Until next time, this is Tom Grissom, I'm Cindy Rich, and I'm Mike Gioia, keep on learning.

Keep on Learning,
Tom Grissom, PhD

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