Thursday, October 28, 2010

Episode 113 - Gone Phishing

It’s Thursday October 28th, 2010 and welcome to episode 113 of TechTalk4Teachers, I’m Tom Grissom and I’m Adam Dodge. With me today in the studio is Adam Dodge who is here to talk more about Information Technology security. Back in August we invited Adam to talk about the importance of userids and strong passwords. Since October is Cyber Security Awareness month I thought we would invite Adam back for more information about protecting all of the IT resources we all come to rely upon daily.

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Antiphishing Working Group -

OnGuardOnline -

National Cyber Security Alliance -

Facebook Security -

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Technology Pick of the Week

For my Technology Pick of the Week this week I am recommending that you take a look at a new feature in Google Docs, in particular Google spreadsheets that is called Chart Editor that was announced earlier this week. A link is a available in the show notes to the Google Docs blog that features a video of what the new Chart Editor can do. Please give it a watch to see all the new features this tool offers.
Most exciting to the visual learner is a feature called motion chart that allows you to visualize data over time by creating a mini-movie of the chart. When I first watched the video overview it reminded me a lot of another presentation I watched way back in 2006 from the TED Talks series by Hans Rosling entitled “Hans Rosling shows you the best stats you’ve ever seen”. I also highly recommend you watch this TED video and even though it is approaching 4 years old, the data lovers of us will smile at his presentation. It is one thing to see data in the common boring tabular data style of columns and rows and another thing to see the data come alive and move overtime. This allows you to see trends you never knew were there, a pretty powerful learning tool. The new chart editor is not as sophisticated as the Hans Rosling presentation but it is the first time I have seen the chart motion feature in a freely available Web 2.0 tool like Google Docs. A link is provided in the show notes to the Hans Rosling video.

TED Video: Hans Rosling shows you the best stats you’ve ever seen

That wraps it up for episode 113 of Tech Talk for Teachers. I want to thank Adam Dodge of our ITS department here at EIU for taking the time to talk to us about the importance of cybersecurity along with some other tips on how to be more secure and safe online. Show notes for this episode and archived episodes are available on the web at the EIU Instructional Technology Center website at To leave a comment or suggestion, please send an email to or leave a comment on the Tech Talk for Teachers blog. Until next time, change those passwords, this is Tom Grissom. Keep on learning…

Tom Grissom, Ph.D.