Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Episode 152 - Not at ISTE and Security Spotlight

It’s Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 and welcome to episode 152 of Tech Talk 4 Teachers.

Welcome to Tech Talk for Teachers the show about Teaching and Learning with Technology.

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Show Links:

Technology Picks of the Week
Tom’s Pick
Windows 8 app - FOTOR  (works on Surface RT)


Mike's Pick
Screen Protector for Mobile Phones

Cindy's Pick
The Answer Pad and Tap It

Keep on Learning,
Tom Grissom, PhD


Anna Sturrock said...

Cindy, Thanks so much for mentioning us on your Podcast. If you have any questions as your explore The Answer Pad and TAPit Free app, please let us know.While we have an iPad app, students can also use a browser on any device- great for BYOD.

Archaznable said...

an awesome tech and learning podcast by the way can you please submit your podcast here on this site Podcast Directory thanks