Friday, March 15, 2013

Episode 147 - Modern Meets Traditional and a Technology Un-Pick of the Week

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It’s Friday, March 15th, 2013 and welcome to episode 147 of Tech Talk 4 Teachers, I’m Tom Grissom. Cindy: and I’m Cindy Rich. Welcome to the Spring Break Edition of Tech Talk for Teachers the show about Teaching and Learning with Technology.

This time we have some news about how social media is affecting all aspects of our society, including the Catholic Church. So we will be discussing some of the ways social media is impacting society and the way we get news. This time I have a couple of Technology UN Picks of the week so we will explain that when we get to our Tech Picks segment, or” UN” picks in this weeks case.

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Technology Picks and 


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Tom's Unpicks

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TweetDeck (now part of Twitter - Shutting down some apps but keeping web app and Chrome app for now)

That wraps it up for episode 147 of TechTalk4Teachers. Show notes for this episode and archived episodes are available on the web at the EIU Instructional Technology Center website at To leave a comment or suggestion, please send an email to or leave a comment on the Tech Talk for Teachers blog. Until next time, this is Tom Grissom and I'm Cindy Rich,

Keep on learning.
Tom Grissom, PhD
Cindy Rich, PhD

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