Saturday, January 5, 2008

tt4t_019 Happy New Year – CES 2008

It’s Saturday, January 5, 2008 Happy New Year and welcome to Episode 19 of Tech Talk 4 Teachers, I’m Tom Grissom. I will keep this weeks post short as we get ready to begin a new semester. There are a couple of upcoming events that will have an indirect impact upon educators in the coming couple of weeks.

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Tom’s Technology Pick of the Week

My Technology pick of the week this week is the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show that will begin this coming week in Las Vegas, Nevada. I always keep my eye on this show because this is where various vendors display their upcoming consumer electronic products for the year. Most of the products introduced at the show will not be available until the summer but it does give us a glance at up and coming technologies that we may see our students have in the near future. A link is provided in the show notes to the CES 2008 website. Check this site out as the show progresses for the latest press releases from companies at the show.

Be sure to listen to national news accounts of the Consumer Electronics Show as many new products will be introduced. The following week Apple will host Mac World where Steve Jobs will be announcing the latest additions at Apple so the next two weeks will see a lot of news around innovative technologies.

Show notes for Episode 19 are available on the web at that’s techtalk the number 4 If you have a comment or suggestion for a future show or a suggestion for a Technology Pick of the Week then please email me at That wraps it up for this episode 19 of TechTalk4Teachers so until next time this is Tom Grissom, keep on learning.

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